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Appreciate Inquiry could have a dramatic effect on the productivity in your newsroom. I’ve seen the powerful results AI’s had on people in addiction recovery and on businesses of all types around the country.  At a recent seminar I attended on the subject, I heard from countless people how their businesses and industries have rapidly improved by applying the principles of appreciative inquiry. Continue reading APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY


This book is an absolute must-read.  Published in 1903 by author James Allen, As A Man Thinketh is one of the first books ever to explore the fact that “you are what you think you are”.  Mankind has underestimated the power of his own brain since the day he learned to walk upright.  This is one of the first texts to spell it out.

Listen to this: very recently, I read an article about a doctor who was caring for a woman with dementia. The woman was also suffering for Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. As her dementia got worse, her diabetes and high blood pressure began to disappear. Quite simply, the woman “forgot” she was sick and therefore her body healed itself of those previous illnesses. She had high blood pressure and diabetes because she was told she had those things. She believed them and her brain supplied the proof.  This doctor had medical evidence that our brain creates our diseases. And I believe that 100%. Continue reading COMPLETE BOOK – “AS A MAN THINKETH”


It’s amazing to me how job applicants don’t “get it”. It’s true. Most college-educated, pop-culturized, twentysomething millennials, some with MBA’s, are clueless. I have the cover letters to prove it. Just over a year ago, I wrote a “help wanted” ad looking for producer/editor applicants. My bosses at the time were right-brain imaginators who wanted to take everything we do “up a notch”, even ads for jobs at our company. I was completely on board. These were the guys who hired me, so we were totally on the same page. I forwarded my draft to my boss, who then forwarded it to his boss, the CEO. The e-mail reply to me was, “I think you get it“. Here is the infamous ad I wrote: Continue reading SUCKLING THE TEAT OF COVER LETTERS