(PERSONALITY DRIVEN is an updated, new and revised version of “…Like No One’s Watching”.)

A proven game-changer in the way local TV news is produced, Raymond J Brune is on the bleeding edge of broadcasting as creator and showrunner of the highest-rated local morning newscast in history, the original KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. His most recent book, Personality Driven – The Secret Sauce for Selling News, is an Amazon #1 New Release!

It’s a step-by-step guide to transforming your local, network or syndicated newscast into a Hit TV Show! Written for producers, directors, anchors, reporters, news directors, and all levels of station group management, this one-of-a-kind reference exposes the so-called “secret sauce” that was never really much of a secret – it’s right there on the TV screen for all to see. Ray reveals how he witnessed his lousy, little, local morning newscast evolve into a massive, monster hit – completely by accident! And by repeating every step along the way, he’s gone on to produce compelling, engaging, #1-rated newscasts for local stations, cable & broadcast networks and digital platforms. Featuring a foreword written by Jerry Springer, Ray details how-to:

✓ Produce your newsreaders into jump-off-the-screen personalities in a 12-step process;

✓ Pick, package and present your content for relevance and maximum tease value;

✓ Turn data-processing producers into authentic, high-performing showrunners;

✓ Create unique Signature Segments that viewers identify with your show alone;

✓ Book segments and guests based solely on what value they bring to your personalities;

✓ Allow your director to override the automation and direct a live, “in the moment”, freeform newscast;

✓ Produce social media content in real-time to compliment your on-air and digital newscast;

Here’s what leaders in the industry say about Ray:

     ★ JERRY SPRINGERThe Jerry Springer Show:  “Ray is the greatest producer in the world! He’s very talented.”

     ★ CHRIS HARRISONHost, The Bachelor:  “Ray helped me transition from medium-market sportscasting to prime-time shows!”

     ★ SAMANTHA HARRISHost, Dancing With the Stars:  “I’ve always appreciated Ray’s invaluable creativity, experience and insight for our news coverage.”

     ★ BILLL RITTER, Anchor, Good Morning America:  “Ray was pushing the envelope with TV before most of us even knew what the phrase meant. Working for Ray was a daily adventure in creativity.”

     ★ LARRY POTASHAnchor, WGN Morning News:  “When our morning show seemed to be staggering, I turned to Ray. He dissected our product and offered insightful changes that helped life our program to #1.”

     ★ CARLOS AMEZCUA, Former Anchor, KTLA Morning News:  “Do yourself a favor and bring Ray into your newsroom. He’s uniquely qualified with an amazing track record of success.”

Ray’s book includes internet links to dozens of video examples that illustrate the concepts Ray is demonstrating. He is a Peabody and four-time Emmy-award winner. His shows include Good Morning America SundayWorld News NowE! News Live, and the nationally-syndicated Eye Opener. Ray also created the Fox Sports/TV Guide network, TVG, from the ground up, resulting in a valuation of $3-Billion.