Over the last few decades, I have evolved from an intern, news writer, TV producer, cable & network executive producer, network VP and a programming executive into an on-camera personality coach. I am at a point in my career where I can help you with your evolution. I transform on-camera talent like you into major-market & network TV personalities  – without fear of failure – by revealing to you proven strategies to authentically connect with your audience, bring in more viewers, and dramatically increase your salary and career opportunities.

With Robin & Bill on the set of GMA

I’m NOT some consultant who’s going to teach you how to read a teleprompter or what colors work best with your skin tone. I don’t analyze your ratings or suggest you move around to different locations in the studio “to mix things up.” If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s NOT me. My unique expertise is focusing, pinpointing and producing your personality – it’s the one asset you possess that sets you apart from all the medium-market mediocre newsreaders who are teleprompter puppets. Your produced personality is truly a competitive advantage that defines your career and determines your monetary value in a completely subjective industry where under-performing on-camera people are easily replaced.

During my 30-some years creating, writing, producing, directing and budgeting local, cable, digital and network TV shows as well as starting up networks and digital platforms, I’ve achieved incredible success in transforming people into Personalities.

Check out these transformations:

The talent I’ve produced and/or coached know something you don’t. They know how to command an on-camera presence. As I often say, they own their close-ups. Each one of them is a compelling, intriguing and unique on-air individual.

Truth be told, I stumbled on this “secret sauce” almost by accident when I showran the original KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. The show became a monster hit. And by watching the actual process of the show ascending from worst to first – and our anchors and reporters evolving into on-air types that have never been seen before on TV, I knew I was on to something. Something priceless. The show and its talent had legions of fans.

Ask singer Janet Jackson. She bought a satellite dish for her place in Minneapolis just so she didn’t miss a single episode while recording her albums. Actor Tom Hanks watched every morning while reading the Calendar section of the LA Times. He calls it “that little chat show.” Even Aaron Spelling – my idol – the most prolific TV producer in history – never missed an episode. Look what he actually wrote when he autographed his book for me:

What better way to illustrate the incredible power of personality, than to boil it all down to the bottom line – money. My four main anchors at KTLA, Carlos Amezcua, Barbara Beck, Mark Kriski & Sam Rubin were making about $80,000 in year one – I should know as I hired them. By year three, after the show became a monster hit, their salaries jumped to about $750,000 each a year! That is NOT a typo. That’s how valuable this team had become in the eyes of the station, which was raking in millions and millions of dollars as the show became the highest-rated local morning newscast in history.

Now, let’s be real. I can’t make you the “next” Oprah. Truth is, there will never be another Oprah. She’s a complete aberration. But the next Robin Roberts or Anderson Cooper? I was the first to put those two into network anchor chairsChris Harrison or Giuliana Rancic? I discovered them both, along with Lisa Williams, the jaw-dropping British medium/clairvoyant. Larry Potash or Neeha Curtis? I worked with both of them as lead anchors in major markets. How about Louis Theroux in Britain? The brilliant trio of Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and Georgie Gardner of Australia’s Today show? Or the breathtaking warmth of Mélissa Theuriau, the highest-paid news anchor in France? You don’t need to speak a word of French to see how utterly awesome she is. If you’ve never heard of these people – how could you expect to ever compete with them?

Careers like any of those people above are easily in reach with my know-how, and your perseverance. I (literally) wrote the book on producing personalities. It’s my passion. And I’m good at it.

Whether  on the air or on-line, you can be a commanding presence among your viewers – and even among your peers. You will positively affect and even improve the lives of viewers who watch you. Once you’ve perfected the ability to connect with an audience, your on-screen presence becomes effortless. I coach on-air talent (news, talk show hosts, reporters, and specialty anchors) as well as on-line talent (YouTube channel hosts, vloggers, sales and marketing talent), even CEO’s.  Coaching on-air talent is much different than coaching on-line talent. Most on-air people have an entire TV station full of equipment and staff, whereas on-line talent are usually one-person-bands doing everything themselves. Choose your path and let’s begin!

You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of!