A universal and inspiring story of one man’s awakening to a secret, spectacular and spiritual word teeming with life all around him after decades asleep in the cradle of Christianity. Internationally-recognized television producer Raymond J Brune thought he had learned all of life’s lessons – including the very meaning of life. But when a spiky-haired, classy & brassy British gal who just happened to talk to dead people came onto his radar, his entire belief system was thrown into chaos.

As Ray went about transforming medium/clairvoyant Lisa Williams into the eighth wonder of the world via her hit Lifetime TV show, “Life Among The Dead”, he was forced to come to grips with his own reality – one that was denying him an escape to enlightenment. “Life’s Meaning Revealed” details Ray’s unique and often humorous journey in search of a “new God” amid all the karmic clutter of a Catholic upbringing. Coming face-to-face with the dead, the reincarnated, tortured souls, alien abductors, and a parade of living, dead and multi-dimensional mentors he was destined to meet, Ray recounts how he found his faith – in a brutally honest, irreverent and sometimes snarky way only he could put to paper. His illumination is a must-read for any restless soul aching to evolve.