My name is Ray.

I transform Newsreaders into Personalities;

Producers into Showrunners;

and  Formats into Franchises!

It’s what I’ve been doing with phenomenal success for nearly three decades..

Here’s how I’ll make personalities JUMP!

Here’s how I Transform Producers into Showrunners!

For the first time in years, I am a free agent.  While I’ve been working with talent and producers on a freelance basis for many years, I am now free to work with TV stations, networks, and digital platforms again. I have begun to selectively accept some new clients.

My talent and producer clients work with me via Zoom. For stations and networks, I prefer to work on-site for 3-weeks with your people, and than follow up with talent and producers via Zoom in following weeks. I would consider a contract situation for start-ups, revamps and other opportunities.

BREAKING NEWS:  I am so honored to share with you that my book, Personality Driven, has been named one of the 7 Best News Industry Books Of All Time by I want to personally thank all the Thought Leaders on the site who voted this book to be  worthy of consideration. There is 35+ years of discovery in that book. My success started at the University of KTLA where I got a PhD in Morning television during 6 years and countless hours in the control room producing live TV. I also want to thank the remaining few right-brain producers who are working tirelessly to produce personality-driven programming both on-air and on-line amid the lifeless constructs of soulless automation. So few television executives still recognize that people still watch people.

I am eternally grateful to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for award the KTLA Morning News its own star! July 8, 2021 was the 30th anniversary of the show’s premiere and I am so proud of all that we have accomplished. Thank you to all the original staff members who created a format that would be copied around the world – and pushed the KTLA Morning News to the highest-rated local morning show in the history of TV by our 14th sweeps period.