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Got to talk to my old friend Jerry O’Connell today – on TV. Haven’t seen him since he came to my house in L.A. for a birthday party several years ago. We had a great chat before this segment aired – here’s Jerry and Randall trying to get me on camera. I appeared – but only viewers in Indy got to see it. I edited myself out for this Facebook version! Continue reading JERRY MEANDERING



I’m astounded on a daily basis how the majority of TV field reporters are content being anonymous, generic purveyors of facts and information – as generic and anonymous as the fake reporter in this stock photo!  Watch reporters on any station in your market – they’ll do a “live” hit – then throw to a package that isn’t the least bit memorable or in any way stylized. Their live shots, their standups, their writing and their producing  does absolutely nothing to make them stand out from the parade of generic reporters airing on TV every minute of every day. Continue reading ANONYMOUS PURVEYORS OF FACTS