Storytelling is that oh so overly used industry buzzword you hear everywhere. But I ask you: When was the last time you actually heard any news anchor or reporter tell a compelling story? You’d certainly remember it if you heard one. So let me bring you two simple examples of storytelling that pop. Oliver Tull was one of the hosts of the Dallas version of Eye Opener. In this first clip, he tells a story about an old man who fights off a grizzly bear who was after his dog:

Simply told. Carl was a great character with a great quote:

“The man or beast he runs from hasn’t been born yet,  and its mother’s already dead.”

And everyone loves a chihuahua! Next is another simple story Oliver shares about his Aunt Violet:

That’s storytelling. It’s not complicated. It’s not Emmy award winning. It doesn’t need to be scripted. It just needs to be told.

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