We were about ten minute out from shooting the premiere episode of our new game show. Thanks to Kenny Lindner, I had Ty Treadway as host. Most of the crew were getting into place, behind their cameras, testing the jib, the lights, sound effects, etc. The contestants were being shown their positions and how to “buzz in”. Tyrus, as I call him, was hanging out at his podium on the set. I walked up the thre e glistening clear-glass steps to Ty at the podium. Rather softly, I said,

“Tyrus, make me look important in front of all these people.”

He replied very loudly,

“Yes, Mr. Brune, that’s an excellent suggestion. I will try that on the very first take. Thanks for that advice”.

I smiled and thanked him. Turned around and began to walk off the set. Unfortunately, I missed the first glass step and toppled onto my ass. Without hesitation, Ty shouted across the set,

“Well, that was a total fucking waste of time!”

That brutal step!

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