The mid-eighties were the best years of the three major network’s annual fall preview promotions. It was a big deal. Every summer, viewers were bombarded with up-tempo, catchy theme songs cut to fast-paced video of network stars dancing down New York streets encouraging bystanders to “Come On Along”. Just starting out in TV then at an NBC affiliate, I was bombarded with many incarnations of “Be There” promos which I’ve yet to get out of my head!  But ABC, by far, had the best campaigns. I want to show you my all-time favorite promo campaign theme song – “That Special Feeling” from ABC’s 1983-1984 Fall Preview Campaign. The network produced a one-hour special where all the stars of its prime time programs – from The Fonz and Joanie & Chachi to Mr. & Mrs. Hart, Mr. Roarke and Jack Tripper convened aboard The Love Boat to enjoy that special feeling – sung here by the amazing Maureen McGovern. Enjoy.

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