Once upon a time, Shakespeare’s time in fact, performers and entertainers were considered the lowest forms of life. Dregs. Rabble. Back then, the elite in their haughty heels would step over such vermin like Americans now do their homeless population. Actors were the scum of the earth. Today, that scum sit atop the societal food chain. Take Meghan Markle. For all her social climbing, she keeps reaching newer lows. She’s an actor who opened up a couple of suitcases on Deal or No Deal, parlayed that gig into some cable TV show, and then catapulted into the arms of a spare heir who inherited his life – and spent all of it leeching off the British government for room and board. A fairy tale permeated with pixie dust if there ever was one!

Plot twist ahead.

Everybody knows a wannabe Snow White must confront her poisoned apple of temptation. Being the wife of a Prince who’s living on the dole is daunting. Such an inconvenience. Unlike storybook royalty, real royals have responsibilities to the crown and to those, um, commoners, dregs and rabble. However mundane, such obligations interfere with just being famous and fabulously financed by a fairy grandmother. Being his and her “royal highnesses” is NOT enough. It’s just NOT enough. There must be a way to bypass that old hag in the castle and free them up to celebrate their independence and illustriousness. Like poor Ariel, the Little Mermaid amid her treasure trove of trinkets, Meghan and Harry want moooooore!

They want more.

What if Harry & Meghan could take all the fame the crown has bestowed upon them and simply whore themselves to the highest bidders? This way, they’d bear absolutely no responsibility to the DNA pool Harry is lucky enough to swim in! It’s the same tunnel vision Harry’s mom saw things through – and sadly, she never found the light at the end of that metaphorical tunnel.

Shakespeare once wrote that fame is a fickle mistress. Princess Diana never learned that. Nor, it seems, has her son and daughter-in-law. They will travel down the same reckless road as Diana post-divorce. But hereinbefore these two don’t possess les précieuses of Diana, the whimsy or the wit. Unlike Diana, Meghan has no “warmth”. She’s as cold as an ice queen – and her superficial charms are beginning to thaw. She’s transformed Harry from a fun-loving, charismatic character to a calculating charactiure of Cary Elwes  in The Princess Bride, saying only, “as you wish.”


A mythical marriage built on fame and fortune alone will never fulfill them. Fame and fortune don’t sustain. They shackle. And that’s something these young souls have yet to discover. There is no “happily ever after” for this paper prince and his stepladder bride. Fate has cards she’s yet to play.

Outlook? Grimm.

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