It is with immense pleasure that I gratefully acknowledge Miss Deidre Anne Lopian for laughing hysterically at the TV Academy in NoHo as I tripped over a stand hidden under fake foliage that was holding up a fake amazonian tree (it was a jungle theme) right behind Mr. Esai Morales who was being interviewed “live” on TV,  the branches swaying back and forth as if in a tsunami, directly above him and his interviewer and his cameraman as I grabbed the tree to keep it from tipping over onto them, yet Mr. Morales had the presence of mind to interrupt the interview to ask if I was alright (which I was, “gracias Senor”) before resuming his interview about whatever D-list project the has-been is promoting.

Also at the TV Academy, thanks to Miss Deborah Mellman for finding me near the red carpet even though she knows full well that I have incriminating videotape of her husband, Mr. Michael Rutter, Miss Sarah Gillingham, Mr. Randy Doerges and Mr. Dan Noel (whom I suspect is NOT in a Christmasy mood) in a series of complex and compromising positions which just happened to occur in my office at TVG. Videotape even Mr. Ben Evans had no knowledge of – until now!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank an executive assistant who was so on the ball this week that he emailed me, not called or even texted me, mind you, but emailed me just as I was pulling in to the parking garage to tell me my meeting with a very important and mega-rich CEO was being postponed. Like, I read my email while I’m, like driving. Doy!

Thanks to my doctor, Miss Berna Mayer, for giving me free Crestor and for not appearing alarmed when I told her I had recently been to areas where certain fungal infections are common.

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