I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Joan and Melissa for the years of laughter and friendship. My prayers are with you both.

I want to thank every one of you on Facebook for not challenging me to that dumping water over my head thing. While I support the disease and all, my camera is in the shop and because of the California drought, I’m trying to save every drop for my hot tub. I’m sure you understand.

I’d like to acknowledge the demonstrators in Ferguson who remind us that White America must still be held accountable.

I want to commend a Manhattan jury for finding Bank of America and the former Countrywide guilty of mortgage fraud with a $1.2 Billion fine. Now if we could just put these executive in jail.

And finally,  I’d like to thank a certain Hollywood millionaire who recently bought his way into the TV industry for reminding me that some people are just plain dicks, after inviting me to meet with him and when I do, telling me he’s not looking to “fill a bunch of offices with executive”, to which I replied, “That’s no problem as I’m not an executive, I’m a showrunner and producer”, to which he replied, “Well, everyone in Hollywood claims to be a producer – how do you define what you do?” to which I told him “I create and focus show ideas, I budget, cast the talent, hire staff and crew, pre-produce and write the show, booth it whether live or to tape and oversee post”, to which he said, “Well, how many staffers do you use to accomplish that”, to which I said, “I don’t staff out or delegate those responsibilities, I do it all myself”, to which he said, “Well, how come there are no stars attached to these shows”, to which I replied, “There are two shows here that are cast contingent –the talent is attached – the show can’t be done without them – and I have not attached talent to the other shows because networks want input on who the host will be and will often attach network talent, so going through the process of attaching a celeb to the show legally is a waste of my lawyer’s time and my money until the buying network reveals what they’re looking for”, to which he said, “Well, I want talent attached”, to which I replied, “Do you validate parking?”, to which his assistant came in to say I would have to stop in Trader Joe’s to get validated before I went to the parking garage.  Thank you Hollywood.



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