I came across this compilation of news anchors who went “off prompter” and then went viral. Produced by Grunge, they call it “anchor freak outs” which is a click-bait tease and far from actual fact. With the exception of Bill O’Reilly who’s just a deliberate freak show and a bully along the lines of P.T. Barnum, the behavior of most of these anchors is pretty much on target – it’s how they should occasionally behave on air when it’s real and authentic – like it was for Anderson Cooper. The commentator implies his show was cancelled because of such authentic moments, but nothing could be further from the truth. I guarantee you that viewers loved him for being honest. Search my blog posts for the real reason Anderson’s daytime talk show was cancelled.

The spat between Jim Ryan and Dick Oliver is TV gold! Their bickering went on and on – much longer than this clip shows and it’s classic. Mika “gets it” – excellent moment. Keith Boykin is brilliant! My final comment is that Bill Maher is NOT now or never will be a news anchor.


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