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I’m pleased to present the WORLD PREMIERE of the music video “The Butt Dance” from the soundtrack CD to The KTLA Morning News. I edited this many years ago but never showed it to anyone because my animation skills suck! But since this is the 29th Anniversary, what the hell! It’s doing no good just sitting on my hard drive! I apologize in advance for the animated Carlos Amezcua  and Sam Rubin. And trust me – my music “career” is just a hobby – I have no illusions that I am the next Bruce Springsteen! Enjoy! Continue reading A CHEEKY MUSIC VIDEO

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Here’s an ultra rare one I came across in a box of old show reels! Back in 1986 when I was producing the 6 & 11pm newscasts at WSAZ in Charleston-Huntington, WV, Travel West Virginia had just created a tourism campaign promoting the state, which was going to be seen nationwide. Essentially, they wanted us to promote their promotion! The theme song is, “Come Home To West Virginia” and is performed by country singer Kathy Mattea.  It came with a music video showing off the beauty of the state. Having lived there, I can tell you it’s a stunning area.

This video is direct from VHS and the audio is straight from a vinyl 45. I haven’t seen this anywhere  on the internet, and the song is kinda rockin’ with a country sort of flavor,  so let me be the first to show off the reconstructed music video: Continue reading A WEST VIRGINIA GEM

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