Wanna jump right off the TV screen? Intimately connect with your audience? Maybe make a buttload of cash? All these things are easily attainable with the help of someone like me and my unique skills. I’ve created a career by producing personalities. I transform regular people into jump-off-the-screen talent. Here are just a few of the faces from my own, personal wall of fame:

Some of these guys are multi-million-dollar talent. Some you may have never seen before. But what’s undeniable just by looking at each and every one of them is that they know something you don’t. They know how to command an on-camera presence. They own their airtime. They know how to use the methods I share with them, the “secret sauce” so to speak, add a pinch of this or a tbsp of that, and create their own unique recipe that works for them. Each one of them is a compelling, intriguing and unique on-air individual.

Truth be told, I stumbled on this “secret sauce” completely by accident when I showran the original KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. The show became a monster hit – again, completely by accident. And by watching the actual process of the show ascending from worst to first – and our anchors and reporters evolving into on-air types that have never been seen before on TV, I knew I had something. Something valuable. The show and its talent had legions of fans.

Ask Janet Jackson. She bought a satellite dish for her place in Minneapolis just so she didn’t miss a single episode while recording her album. Tom Hanks watched every morning while reading the Calendar section of the LA Times. He calls it “that little chat show.” Even Aaron Spelling – my idol – the most prolific TV producer in history – never missed an episode.

With Robin & Bill on the set of GMA

To put things in perspective, my anchors’ salaries, when I hired them, were between $70k and $100k. By year three, they were in the $750,000 range – for a local morning show. That’s how much stations value talent and producers who bring in the eyeballs. Syndicators wanted to take the show national. Producers from networks and TV operations around the world came to our station in hopes of getting their hands on our “secret sauce”.

I’ve gone on to use this “secret sauce” in show after show with amazing success. Not just newscasts, but reality shows, talk formats, game & court shows – it works with any format as long as you allow the personalities to drive the show.

Whether in front of or behind the camera, on the air or on-line, you can be a commanding presence among your viewers – and even among your peers. You will positively affect and even improve the lives of viewers who watch you.  Once you’ve perfected the ability to connect with an audience, your presence becomes effortless.  If you’re a producer in the control room, you’ll now know how to produce a personality-driven format. I have the “secret sauce”. I’m sharing it. Because I want to see you succeed. And I can show you how. Let’s get started. Select one of the following:

You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of!