It doesn’t matter if you’re a news anchor, a weatherman, field reporter, or the host of a talk show. People watch people. Viewers respond to personalities – no matter what platform they find them on. My proven techniques get viewers responding to you. I work with talent all over the world in all kinds of “live” or pre-taped hosting, presentation and news formats. If you’d like, I’ll coach you and your co-anchor together as a team – no extra charge!

To be clear, I am so NOT a consultant. Consultants provide data.  I don’t examine your ratings or listen to the thoughts of people screening your show in focus groups. Consultants take no responsibility and they don’t hold you accountable for follow-through. I think of myself as your personality producer – sort of like a coach who provides you with my tried-and-true tricks of the trade based on many years of successes and failures on the air. I provide insight, experience and expert analysis.  I will push you forward one step at a time. As I push, I refine and I inspire and I develop. Every on-air person is different. I exploit those differences to produce you into your own, unique, authentic personality. I won’t force you to be someone you’re not! I’ve heard thousands of times, “Hey, it’s my face out there!” And yes it is! I get it. I’m not going to turn you into a clown or tamper with your credibility. What I am going to do is challenge you to take some risks – to slowly move beyond your comfort zone.  Once you’re there, you’ll begin to find the teleprompter nothing more than a nuisance.


  • I push you out of you comfort zones ever so slowly.
  • I remind you over and over, “I have your back.” If something doesn’t work, tomorrow’s another show.
  • I give you permission to experiment without fear of failure. Some things work. Some things don’t. The more things don’t go as planned on-the-air early on, the less afraid and more skilled you become at handling “in the moment” situations.
  • I teach you how to interact with your co-hosts on camera. It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • I allow you to laugh without fear you’ll lose your credibility. Laughter is emotion. Viewers are drawn to emotion on TV. They want to be “in on the joke”.

In addition, I’ll work with you on these twelve areas you must master as you evolve into a personality:

  1. Flirting with the camera
  2. Being “in the moment”
  3. Going off prompter
  4. Taking Risks and Seeing Rewards
  5. Mixing It Up With Real People
  6. Telling Compelling Stories
  7. Telling Compelling Personal Stories
  8. Going There
  9. Allowing Moments to Play Out
  10. Mastering Multi-Talent Interviews
  11. Give & Take
  12. Genuinely Liking Your Co-Hosts



We start with a 20-minute (free) introductory phone call. Before we talk, I will have watched a link you send me of your most recent work (a show from the past week). That will give me an idea of what we need to work on – along with what it is you want to achieve from our sessions. We’ll decide if we can work together as a team and then decide if we move forward.

If all systems are go:


We will meet via phone or Skype once a week for five weeks. In those one-hour sessions, I will review your most current work (which I will have watched prior to the session). I will listen to what it is you want to achieve and I will guide you forward. I will also give you homework and to-do lists – small steps to attempt on-air in the next week, and then we’ll review the results in the next session.


My fee for the five weeks of sessions is $3000, pre-paid in full by check or credit card. Check with your CPA, but this amount should be tax deductible as it’s a business expense. I realize that’s a lot of money – but I’m a far better investment in your career and your future than, say, the latest iPhone! I will only work with people who can commit to the five-week program. Because of my time investment in viewing your airchecks, one-hour single sessions are not feasible.

Your inquiries and any work I do with you is confidential. I will not use your name or on-air clips in any fashion on my website. I welcome your NDA.