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This past week, I had the privilege of being invited to the Flourishing Leadership Institute’s “LEAF” workshop. LEAF is a new approach used by change agents (coaches, speakers, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and leaders) to lead groups of all sizes to shape their future or solve specific problems better, faster and more naturally than thought possible with other methods.  I was there to premiere a video I shot and edited about Jesse Harless. Jesse is using the LEAF method to help people who are recovering from addiction – and his results are getting glowing reviews.  This video is the media marketing he needed to move his program to a national scale. Continue reading ADDICTION RE-LEAF


Betcha didn’t know that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer isn’t part of Christmas-past for very long. – certainly not as long as Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen… Rudolph is the creation of a department store, Montgomery Ward. He started out as a character in a coloring book in 1939, created to be given away to shoppers at Christmastime. 2.4 million copies of that coloring book were handed out. It wasn’t until 1948 that Rudolph’s story was told on film.  Max Fleischer produced a theatrical cartoon short which I’ve included below for your viewing enjoyment. This was the first Rudolph cartoon! Continue reading YOU’LL GO DOWN IN HISTORY


This one time… I was in the men’s room during a commercial break on The KTLA Morning News.  At the time, this bathroom was undergoing a facelift so there were rolls of wallpaper and tiles and tools scattered around. As I was washing my hands, in walks our guest star for that day’s show – Little Richard!  THE Little Richard.  I fumbled with a paper towel, said “hello” and shook his hand. He was as gracious as ever. I asked if I could grab a quick autograph.  “Sure” was his reply, but darn, I had nothing for him to sign. Oh. Wait. Little Richard had an idea. He grabbed a bathroom tile! End of story!


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I’d like to thank Mr. Walt Disney for introducing me to my life-long dual obsessions, in the forms of Miss Hayley Mills (Sharon) and her identical twin sister Miss Hayley Mills (Susan) from The Parent Trap,  (who, strangely, each had British accents although one was raised in Boston and the other in Monterey), neither of whom I have yet to meet, and to that guy in Grease II who, by the way, is aging very badly, but married Miss Hayley’s sister, Miss Juliet Mills of Nanny & The Professor fame for allowing me to meet his spouse and my obsession’s sibling at a gathering I and Miss Stephanie Glenn refer to as the “celebrity zoo”. Continue reading grATITUDE GOULASH


As you move through your TV career – or any career for that matter, it’s important to determine where you set the bar for yourself – despite where the bar is set for the place you work – which will always be lower. I’ve compiled this list of “rules” that I’ve sort of adopted through the years and made my own. Take what works for you and throw the rest aside.


Continue reading RAISING THE BAR


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Joan and Melissa for the years of laughter and friendship. My prayers are with you both.

I want to thank every one of you on Facebook for not challenging me to that dumping water over my head thing. While I support the disease and all, my camera is in the shop and because of the California drought, I’m trying to save every drop for my hot tub. I’m sure you understand. Continue reading GrATITUDE GOULASH